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Sex Party Announces Richmond Candidate

The Australian Sex Party has announced that its candidate for the District of Richmond in the coming State Election is Nevena Spirovska.

The Sex Party’s run for Richmond in the 2010 State Election drew a lot of attention. It campaigned strongly against the Green’s candidate, Kathleen Maltzahn, due to her support for what is coined the Nordic model which effectively outlaws sex work by making the clients criminals. This effectively makes sex work illegal as it was in the bad old days of the Bolte government. It would work against everything we know about the positive health outcomes of a legal industry. It is a patronising position that further stigmatises sex workers and of course their clients.

Based on past results, the Sex Party is confident of pulling 4% of the vote in Richmond which means its preferences would be significant in determining the outcome.

Nevena migrated to Australia from Macedonia with her family in 1989 and has called Melbourne home ever since. She has lived in the City of Yarra for half a decade.

A committed activist in her local community, she has volunteered and contributed to organisations such as The Co-Op Shop, Animals Australia, Amnesty International, JOY FM, Plan International and R.I.S.E.

She has extensive experience in business and politics; administering the finances of large organisations and working for and supporting the Australian Sex Party since 2010.

She feels passionately about supporting the regulation and taxation of marijuana. Nevena is also dedicated to campaigning for 24-hour public transport on weekends.

Nevena would add diversity of life experience to our Parliament, taking a strong stance the secular needs of all Victorians.

Ms Spirovska previously represented the Australian Sex Party as its candidate for the Electorate of Calwell in the 2013 Federal Election.

Candidate Contact Details:

Nevena Spirovska
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile 0427 142 769

Sex Party Attends 'Prevention, Treatment and Reducing the Harms: Alcohol and Other Drug Priorities up to 2018'

On Friday the 17th of October, the peak body representing Alcohol and Other Drug (AoD) services, the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) held a pre-election event. Representatives from The Sex Party, Labor Party, Liberal Party and The Greens joined ABC 774 breakfast host Jon Faine in discussing the future direction for alcohol and drug policy in Victoria.

The Alcohol Policy Coalition put forward five recommendations to improving the state of alcohol regulation and health outcomes in Victoria for candidates to consider. Only one candidate confirmed their parties support for recommendations including 10pm closing times for bottle shops, 3am close times for bars and restrictions on alcohol advertising.

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Drugs Debate Harmed by Journalistic Inaccuracies

The term ‘hard drugs’ makes no sense in a scientific or objective application. It’s a rhetorical device used to define what one person thinks are more problematic drugs than others - yet the science more often than not, doesn’t back this up.  For example, opiates are almost always reported to be ‘hard drugs’ and yet they are useful in many medical applications.  Amphetamines can also fall into the ‘hard drug’ category, though many of these have potential uses in psychiatry.  They also move into the recreational and personally satisfying category. LSD is frequently referred to as a ‘hard drug’ which is absurd.  

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Is it Rational to Vote ‘Sex’?

Written by The Rationalist Society of Australia

In asking this question I am prompted to ask a supplementary question - is it rational to call a civil libertarian political party, the Sex Party?

Many rational people will probably say ‘no’ and consider the word ‘sex’ to be confronting by nature. That could put some voters, who are basically supportive of the party’s platform, off the party itself. However a rational person could also accept that more people know about the party and its platform simply because of its name and have subsequently voted for it amidst the clamour of smaller parties starting to contest elections.

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Sex Stores Urged to Drop ‘She-Male’ Tag | Written by James Findlay

Any remaining sex stores selling transsexual adult films under the banner of 'she-male' have been urged to 'wake up' and use correct terminology after the Courier Mail saga last week in which they used the term 'she-male' to describe murder victim Mayang Prasetyo.

President of the Australian Sex Party and Upper House candidate for the upcoming Victorian State election, Fiona Patten, told MCV the vast majority of adult stores use the term transsexual, but "of course like any industry, we have dinosaurs."

"Our industry caters to a diverse range of sexuality and we are also a diverse industry. Any stores or adult businesses that are still using the term have lost touch with their community and need to wake up and stop using such hurtful terms," Patten said.

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The need for comprehensive, compulsory and universal sex and relationships education has never been clearer

According to VicHealth’s National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey, one in six Australians believe when a women says ‘no’ she means ‘yes.’ One in five believe that a woman who has been drinking is partly responsible should she be raped. More than two in five believe men rape women because they can’t control their sexual urges. Overall, the survey shows that victim-blaming and violence-supportive attitudes are rife in Australian society. These findings are disturbing but, sadly, not surprising. In 2013, these attitudes were strongest among people aged 16-25 – and haven’t changed in nearly twenty years - suggesting that our current sex and relationships curriculum is failing our nation. 

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Victorians Deserve To Know

Last night the Australian Christian Lobby hosted an event at Queens’ Hall, Parliament House of Victoria. At the event both Premier Denis Napthine and Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews committed to allowing their MPs a conscience vote on any private member bills affecting abortion in the next Parliament.

With every Coalition and ALP MP to be allowed a conscience vote this raises questions that each candidate at the Victorian state election should answer before any votes are cast.

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The Fetish Expo!

September 20th 2014, Fitzroy Town Hall, Napier Street, Fitzroy Doors open 12 noon…

Shop, catch high-octane fetish and neo-burlesque shows, and marvel at exhibitions of erotic art and photography. Grab a drink from the bars, eat some home cooked food and wander around the venue to your wicked heart’s content socialising with friends old and new.

Dress code: Any clothing is allowed, but undercarriages to be covered please. Kink/alt outfits are heartily encouraged.

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Sex Party Releases Upper House Candidates: Balance of Power Now Possible

The Australian Sex Party has announced candidates for the Victorian Upper House election in November. For the first time, every Victorian who is eligible to vote will now be able to vote for the Sex Party. Party President, Fiona Patten, said the party is standing candidates in every upper house region with the expectation that it has a chance of getting as many as four candidates elected to the Legislative Council and possibly with balance of power.

“As a truly non-aligned party who owes nothing to Labor, Liberal or the Greens, we are ideally placed to hold the balance of power,” she said. “We are a sensible and thoroughly modern political party that can offer Victorians the chance to see long-overdue social reforms put into place”.

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Sex Party to Address Cannabis Rally Today

Australian Sex Party President Fiona Patten will address a medical cannabis rally in Treasury Gardens today to support the legalisation of cannabis for medical uses. The rally kicks off at 2:30pm near the old Treasury Building.

Ms Patten has welcomed Labor and Liberal commitments on medical cannabis recently but said she was sceptical because both of them had deeply entrenched attitudes to drugs that would not shift easily in a party room debate. “They can say they will set up trials and enquiries just to win votes but the truth of the matter is that both major parties are deeply conservative when it comes to drug law reform”, she said. “If they decide to go slow on the promise it could take a decade of debate and enquiry before anything concrete happens. The old groupers in Labor and the ghosts of John Howard and Brian Watters in the Liberals, will make law reform very difficult."

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