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Help Fiona Patten & Australian Sex Party Shape Victorian Politics

Newly elected Australian Sex Party MP Fiona Patten is offering unique volunteer positions in her CBD Electorate Office.

These are unpaid 10 hour per week positions that will allow you to assist Fiona and her team bring the progressive policies of the Australian Sex Party to the Victorian electorate.

The Political Volunteer will assist Advisor Jorian Gardner manage and implement Fiona's political agenda, whilst the Communications Volunteer will assist Electorate Manager Nevena Spirovska in the management of the Electorate Office.

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Queensland - do your homework!

Ahead of polling day for the Queensland State Election we are asking voters to do their homework.

In the absence of Australian Sex Party candidates it may be that no candidate will satisfy all of your electoral desires. Therefore voters should be asking those contesting the election if they support civil liberties.

First and foremost ask candidates in your electorate if they are pro-choice and support access to safe and legal abortions. If they don't, don't vote for them.

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Nous Sommes Charlie!

Sent to the French Embassy in Canberra, 8.1.15

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Fiona’s First Vote


Fiona (in blue) sits on the cross bench for the first time.

On Tuesday 23rd December I was sworn into the Victorian Parliament and cast my first vote. It was to elect a President for the Legislative Council. The President acts much like the Speaker in the lower house except that their vote is counted the same as any other member of the Council.

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Acclaim Magazine Posts New Sex Party/Lush Vid

Melbourne’s top inner-city hipster mag has posted the Sex Party’s new joint
production with celebrated artist, Lush, in a hilarious swipe at conservative political
messages. Check it out here.

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Euthanasia and Sex: Little and Big Deaths Join Forces


The Voluntary Euthanasia Party and the Australian Sex Party will come together tomorrow morning, at 11am, on the steps of Parliament House for a media conference.

Dr Phillip Nitschke and Fiona Patten will announce their formal preference swap arrangement for the Upper House, with both parties going straight to each other in Southern and Northern Metro.

Voluntary euthanasia is demonstrably the biggest single issue where both major parties are out of step with community opinion and the opinions of their own party members. The ABC’s Vote Compass poll showed that 71% of Coalition voters want voluntary euthanasia legalised while 79% of Labor voters do. However both parliamentary parties remain implacably opposed to initiating new laws.

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Victoria - you can vote for us everywhere

Our candidates are standing throughout Victoria.

Find out more about them here

Download How to Vote card below


The Sex, Votes and Rock ‘n Roll Election Campaign


The Australian Sex Party and The Basics Rock 'n Roll Party have announced a formal preference swap in the upper house region of Northern Metro for the upcoming Victorian State election and will celebrate their union with a joint campaign through the streets of Melbourne this Sunday.

Rock n Roll and Sex will campaign together off the back of a decked-out, six metre flat bed truck this Sunday, 23rd November, with The Basics playing live for the crowds. It's a cheeky hat tip to AC/DC’s famous “It’s A Long Way to the Top”, 1975 ,truck gig along Swanston st.

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The Recent Face the Music Summit

The recent Face the Music summit held an industry forum to debate the politics of music in Victoria. I was on a panel with Liberal, Labor and Greens representatives as well as Kris Schroeder from the Basics – Rock ‘n Roll Party. Kris has had a bit of negative feedback on his contribution but I think we need a bit of perspective here in the way people perform in different forums.

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Statement on the East-West Link project

The East-West Link is a project that is ironically dividing Victorians when its stated goal was to link them. Criticisms of the project and the way it has been handled by the Napthine government are many, and many of them are well founded.

The Australian Sex Party supports transparent and open government and the Napthine government has clearly failed the test when it comes to openness and transparency regarding the East-West Link project. The Australian Sex Party cannot support the project without a public release of the full business case and an independent review by Infrastructure Australia that detailed vastly improved economic benefits. 
Claims that stage one of the East-West Link project would clear congestion in the inner city are vastly overstated. The current design lacks city access and we are concerned about the loss of green space in Royal Park. It should not proceed in its current design. Under investment in major public transport infrastructure in Melbourne must be addressed.

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