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Sex Takes Its Seat in the Victorian Legislative Council


Leader of the Australian Sex Party and representative for the Northern Metro region, Fiona Patten, will take her seat for the first time in the Victorian Legislative Council tomorrow.

Ms Patten is a former independent fashion designer who ran her own label called Body Politics in Canberra, during the 1980s. In the early 1990s she became CEO of Australia’s adult industry association, the Eros Association and worked on sex and censorship issues with federal and state governments for over 20 years. In 2009 she set up the Australian Sex Party in response to a lack of action on personal freedom and free speech issues, many of which revolved around sexuality and sex education.

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Fiona’s First Vote


Fiona (in blue) sits on the cross bench for the first time.

On Tuesday 23rd December I was sworn into the Victorian Parliament and cast my first vote. It was to elect a President for the Legislative Council. The President acts much like the Speaker in the lower house except that their vote is counted the same as any other member of the Council.

There were two nominations for the job – the Liberal incumbent, Bruce Atkinson and Labor’s Gale Tierney.

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